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My verdit on AURODO 4D games.

About the brand: Aurodo is the brainchild of Amit arora,with a aim to help children learn through technology.Engrossing this generation on something is the task for parents,be it providing Education so was the idea behind the innovation of smart classes in school got introduced.we always look new innovative way to make our children learn. This… Continue reading My verdit on AURODO 4D games.

Beauty, My take on Dermaroller

Dermaroller in my life

Dermaroller is not new to anyone who is active on social media.p It is a small tool with a wheel covered in microneedles. This microneedles varies from 0.5mm,1.0mm,1.5mm and 2.0mm,the deeper the scar the higher the number of needles . how it work: In simple terms it damage the skin cell by formating the new… Continue reading Dermaroller in my life