Mommy magic with Alo vera

Hey mommies!!!

hope you all are good after Monday blues.

In today age we take out most care of our babies, not that our mothers or granny did not took ours.some things have change over years like we don’t use any cloth nappies which we use to wear. For my third child who is 2 nd half year old I use diapers nd used to experiment  alot with the diaper s available in the market. Often she use to get rashes or itchiness .

I tried several rash creams on her some were steroids which use to give instant result but was harm full in long run.so I turn to mother nature a silent fellow use to sit in my balcony it was planted by my dadi.



I googled about it and voila I hit a jackpot!!!!

started using aloe Vera from plant, as a mommy I have so much to do that i use to ignore it.one fine day I found aloe vera gel in market. I bought mine from @Apollopharmacy it cost not more than75 rps.I don’t have account of the empties bottle of it.

Alot of written about it on social media nd videos are also there but believe me it does wonders to our tiny tots bumps too.


that’s for today hope u like my first blog.

stay connected.












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