kama ayurveda

Hey lovelies!!!!!

we indian are the land of aurveda and homopathy.

To  get instant result  we are often turns towards the scientifitc ways which are harmfull in long run.today we read a alot about brands going back to roots such as aurveda and organic ways. this was the ways our dadi and nani used to guide us but we turn a dweaf ear towards them.so this is the time we need to hop to grab there advice.

one such brand in indain market is “KAMA AYURVEDA”.this brand dont need any introduction, got this free trails from there site with paying 150 rps as shipping charge,i was surprise to get this early as i got within 2 days.

i was given the option to choose three products so from skincare,haircare.since kama ayurveda is a luxuray brand we can avail this opportunity.



1.Nimrah antiface pack which net weight is 2.5 grm

2.Nalpamaradi thailam skin brighting(treatment sample) is 10 ml

3.Organic sweet almond oil is 10 ml

the samples are good ,lets try it and will be update it on  my instagram.

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