Going back to roots!!!!!

Neem oil

Going organic way or called it as desi way.

If your not familiar with this word then Head over to your parents or grandparents and enquir about them

this is a miracle oil,neem oil.

It is extracted from a neem plant.It has many medicinal propertes which  have been using from ancient times.It contain high amount of fatty acid which is said to treat scars from accne and is non comedogenic(it wont clog our pores)

count the blessing from Neemoil:

  • Offers wide range for skin few are fightsEzcema,fungal infection protect skin and fight ageing, stimulates collagen, dry skin.
  • can use as Mosquito Repellent nd natural insecticide
  • can be use for Arthritis,Bronchitis treatment,toenail fungus,Dental health,Scabies.
  • can be use to dry scalp,split ends,dandruff and in getting rid of lice .

Neem plant is very usefull from its leaves to bark,branches It can grow without any climate limitations,drought or frost ,no one can stop it.

there lifespan can reach to 200 years.

stay connected.

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