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Dermaroller in my life

Dermaroller is not new to anyone who is active on social media.p

It is a small tool with a wheel covered in microneedles.

This microneedles varies from 0.5mm,1.0mm,1.5mm and 2.0mm,the deeper the scar the higher the number of needles .

  1. how it work:

    In simple terms it damage the skin cell by formating the new cell.

The applicator  leads to the formation of new cell layers of collagen and elastin fibre due to the increase in blood supply.

As u damage the skin ,the more collagen  and elastin of skin improves.

2. Pros:

  • An improved skin texture which helps in reducing wrinkles.
  • very effective for hyper-pigmentation.
  • help in building of collagen when is used with serum after using it.InstaFit_20171126_17382085.jpg

3.People who need do avoid:

  • active skin infection
  • blood clotting history
  • active pimples or acne
  • psoriasis
  • Enzema
  • on warts or moles

4.My take on it:

I dont have scars but used to have hyper pigmentation.i just want to try as i was facinated.

First few months i used twice before going to bed.

i went overboard with it as a result i was left with bruises,as i want instant result.

From october im using it every single night.

  1. cleansing
  2. toner
  3. dermaroller
  4. serum/oil

I use serum or amalgam of oils.the result are satisfactory.

Serums are health drinks for your skin,they vanish once u apply.

Dermaroller are very benificial for hairloss,for this dermaroll the scalp then apply my DIY HAIROIL

This is a investment for you skin.It allow user to apply the pressure according to ones thershold.Its very safe for skin.




Hope u like my detail review on Dermaroller.

till next time,

stay connected.



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