oils for life, organixmantra oil, review of essential oil and carrier oil

love your skin,give oil a go……

We all have heard about the amazing perks of oil,today lets breakdown

Essential oil:

Essential oil are highly concentrated oils that have the pure essence of plants,fruit,seeds,e.t.c.That can be use both Therapeutic (for relaxing) and Aromatherapy (for massaging)

These Essentials oils cant be applied directly to the body or face,it may irritate yor skin and cause a reaction.To tone down it ,we need another oil that oil is called Carrier oil.


Today i came up with two effective oil.

  • Eucalyptus oil:
  • Jojoba oil{HO-HO-BA}WaterMark_2017-12-21-11-57-39

Eucalyptus oil:

Winters for me is “HELL NO”,reasons are many and we all are aware of it.

As the gloomy season comes most allergies ,infection it bring along,the little bundles of joy are least immune to such wheather they develop cold,cough and what not.

ways to use Eucalyptus oil:

  • Natural decongestant:Use Ecaulyptus oil to relive sinus congestion by adding a few drops of the oil to hotwater and inhale the steam.just remember to close your eyes.
  • Control coughing:Again,steam inhaltion is an effective method,also you can rub the Eucalyptus oil on the chest.
  • Mosquito bite:yes, just apply a drop of Eucalyptus oil on,  it will heal and without any allergies.

WaterMark_2017-12-21-11-57-06 (2)

If you are a mother,then it is must in your first aid kit.I am asthamtic,i have tried many brands but nothing beat the Organix Mantra Eucaluptus oil,when i use a product for my kids on regular basics i want it should be free from chemicals.

Organix Mantra Eucaluptus oil is 100%pure steam distilled essential oil,it shouldnt be applied directly tothe body,use a carrier oil or mix with coconut oil.

I highly recommend this Organix Mantra Eucalptus oil specially in winter it is a neccesity.



Organixmantra jojoaba oil is is 100%pure cold pressed carrier oil.Manyof you might came across this word coldpress but dont know the meaning behind it.

The process invoving  of crusing the seeds or nuts and forcing out the oil through the applied pressure is cold press.Genenerally, the extraction machines use exccesive heat thus the quality of oil suffer,result is antioxidants are damaged.

Jojoba oil are rich in nutrients and antioxidants and helps in reducing fine lines,darkcircles ,sunburn,and more

There are many benifits of jojoba oil on our skin:

  • Skin moisturizer:soap and other products will strip down the sebum layer of yor skin,resulting in dry ,take few drops of oil and apply over your skin.remember whenever your applying a jojoba oil it will absorb into the skin and the sign of a pure jojoba oil.
  • For acne control:Jojoba oil has antibacterial properties that help to control bacterial growth .
  • For chapped lips and dry cuticle:just rub adrop of jojoba oil on your lips and on the cuticle,on product many ways.WaterMark_2017-12-21-11-56-55


Iam using Jojoba oil both as day and night care,since Organixmantra jojoba oil is pure it absorb quickly in my skin,there is no sign of greasy and oiliness.on the first day i had a breakout,since i heard alot of jojoba oil,i didnt stop using it after 2 days i dont have a anymore breakout and the one which came is gone.

Organixmantra have a pure and original oils,yes they are pricely somewhat but when they are  discount whocares!!the hardword they do in coldpressing and pure steam disstillation,every penny is worth it.

They cruelty free,100%pure and with MADE IN INDIA initiative….

..will be back soon,

till then ,

stay healthy and beautiful❤



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