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Does mirabellecosmetic have any miracle????


In this fast phase life and a mum to three kids,i dont have time to glued to chair or mess with clays  products,Laziness is fun and a luxury to a women and being multitasking at that point was my last thought .

So,one fine night in mumbai,while scrolling my instgram feed i happend to see a brand,it was korean brand which deal with face sheets mask.koreans are leading the world with their skincare products and face sheet mask are trending all over the world even west are aping them.


@mirabellecosmetic is korean brand which recently launched in india they are  offering us one of the koreans best seller face sheet mask.

These mask are complelety  natural,organically made by using raw materials obtained by nature.The best part is its cruelty free.

when you take hours in apply makeup then you need atleast 20 mintues to detox your skin by eliminating all the chemicals from skin ,these sheet mask are 100%cotton

My experience:

As it is advisable to use the face sheets mask at night.the face sheet was totally  drenched in the essence but i was awestruck with the amount of essence was left after i removed the mask.These sheet acts like a barrier Preventing the essence from evaporating and helping them to penetrate the skin.



since the essence is penetrated in the skin,it get the maximum hydration ,radiant  and clear skin.I went overboard with the faces sheet and did dermaroll on it,the harsh needles of it couldn’t tore the mask,after removing the mask i scrape out all the left over essence from the pack and slather it all over the face and neck.i usually apply facial oils at night rigorously but i didn’t fell  the need to apply any thing ,the essence worked wonder ,can see fair amount of visible results,currently they have 6 variants:

  1. Aloe vera
  2. Cucumber
  3. Lemon lime
  4. Papaya
  5. Berries
  6. Herbs


These are unisex face sheet mask means complete famliy pampering rotiune.It weight 25ml with three years self life.

How to use:

  1. Wash the face with normal water and wipe it dry
  2. gentle apply the facemask on the face
  3. relax for 10 to 20 minutes and removethe mask
  4. tap gently on the skin,allowing the essence to penetrate and dont wash the skin
  5. feel the difference of your face which is equal to one bottle of serum used


It comes  in a pack of 5 were you can get 1 free ,@mirabellecosmetic korea is must buy can avail the offer from @amazon @snapdeal @e-Bay @shopclue @paytm mall @flipkart.

If you ordered it from there official website then,you can customise them accordingly compare to the other websites were you get a set of same variants.

Thank you for staying till here.

Till next time,

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