My best discovery

Before keeping my perception,i came with a collab with my dear fellow blogger @thehijabiblogger.

Let’s ts just Acknowledge what i have gone through in my teens.

MY story:

After hitting puberty I was facing severe acne only on my fore head ,believe me i tried every available thing available from grinding neem leaves to applying Cinammon powder to soda every thing.

That’s y i have alot to guide you,bcz sometimes the one who faces the situation have the best answers.

Tried plenty of drugstore cream aswell,this nightmare followed me till 2017 November,one day randomly i went to dermatologist to consult my problem,this so called special doctor gave me the worlds best advice,which no one want to hear but your friend(me) is great.

The advice was

  • To avoid Dairy product’s(i Hardly drink any thing I’m not a baby)
  • Loose weight(as if you were first person to tell me)
  • To cut down my sugar intake(wow,in winters i take only one cup of tea that for my asthma)

He told me these precious three Sentences, i want to bang his hand on the wall,and burned my pocket by taking heavy amount and handover me Prescription with one spot cream and a 300 rps soap,literally i felt like killing him right there,my dearest bought that’s stuff,still didn’t finish that soap and kept that cream unused.


Happy ending:

Then there comes this beautiful cream like a Shinning Armour,who came to rescue me,this Freaking worked i Goggled my self without spending a penny(i cursed myself😩)

Glyco 6 is excellent cream in Indian market, it’s in Concentration form with 6% of glycolic Acid.its cheap and have a skin peeling Property that means it fade all the dark spot which that little Alien have left.

I have tried clincitop and benzac AC ,while clincitop is good but benzc AC is worst,it contain benzoyl peroxide which made my skin dry,it did pretty decent job Changing ph of skin from oily to dry is amazing,i just trashed it.


How to use:

  • i am a night bird ,i just wash my face and pat dry then apply it and sleep.
  • do it accordingly ,figure out whats best for your skin
  • at Starting it give a slight Tingly Sensation but with in minute’s it will be gone
  • Important part ,please dont step out after applying it,as it have skin Peeling properties ,it may burn your skin when comes in Contact with sun.


I would definitely recommend Glyco 6 ,it didn’t changed my ph balance,it reduces the acne without drying my skin,it worked in fading the marks which is hell yes💃 .

It easily available on the pharmacy with price of 150 rps.

If these product fail to appeal you then my friend @thehijabiblogger has two more product which you can try on,so head over to her blog post to get insight.

That’s all homies, i think this was more of a rant than blogpost,a rant on Dermat or a my acne story.

comment below if you have any query,will love to answer

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