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My verdit on AURODO 4D games.

About the brand:

Aurodo is the brainchild of Amit arora,with a aim to help children learn through technology.Engrossing this generation on something is the task for parents,be it providing Education so was the idea behind the innovation of smart classes in school got introduced.we always look new innovative way to make our children learn. This 4D pocket zoo work on argumented reality.

About the product:

The box comes with a tab stand,a pouch and 32 flash card.Aurodo has a app both on ios and android version.just download the app on your phone,laptop or ipad .sign-ups through your Mail id ,there is a activation card on which number is provided ,just scratch it and sigin with that unique number.The App is free for the lifetime.

Aurodo 4D Argument reality has a 32,flash card,covering each word of alphabet,place the card infront of your device camera and the animal will appear 4D,yes it appear augmented,thats the technology we are talking about.


  • Boosts imagination
  • Promotes self learning
  • Boosts creativity
  • Improves vocabulary with puzzle games on learning spelling,correct pronunciation
  • No in-app ads.
  • No Internet needed after once setup


Being a Mother is blessing,but engrossing our God send angels is the biggest task.I know we have been gone through that age but this generation is out of control.This is the only game ,when my three angels sit together and learn,I’m sorted since it doesn’t required internet and hence no poping up of ads.Elder one becomes teacher followed my two poor siblings who become students.


I love this game but once in a bluemoon the card doesn’t work as it should be,otherwise its a perfect learning set for kids and the best option to gift aswell.

you can buy it from amazon,with heavy discount,the link is:

Aurodo Pocket Zoo 4D Educational Learning Games – 32 Animals (Age 2-10 years)

So grab your and till next time,

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