Does we come far from our traditions????

With all the jam-packed action in our life we hardly avail in house service.

Even the west is digging our buried traditions

Do we came to far apping west,we forgot our grandmas remedies.

let keep this discussion for some other day,lets discuss a lady who has bought change in society by seeing her child suffer the aftermath of using drugstore products.

she went ahead and learned about the remedies taught by her grand ma

Sangeeta the chief curator of the brand sand shopaholics,she studied about skincare and after few years she started her own venture.


They have a variety of products from natural soaps,moisturizer,baby creams,shampoo,conditioners etc;

Every product is made with ingredients from kitchen and garden like groundnut,fresh turmeric,finger millet,gram flour and many more skin friendly ingredients which are then blended with essential oils and exotic infusions of goat milk,buttermilk,saffron infused water.


Forever Twenty:

As the name itself suggest it it’s concoction of the goodness of twenty oils so that every hair can have it own cure.

Amala,moringa,aloe Vera,tea treeleaf,loha bhasma,rosemary,avocado,olive seed,jojoba to name a few.

If you are facing drought like situation in your scalp then now you know where to head too.

Nostalgia Soap:

This product comes from the remedies which our granny ask us to do ,but we fail to do,turmeric and a gramflour with a hint of coconut oil and tea tree.

Dead Mask:

watchout for the ingredients peppermint,rosemary ,kaolin,dead sea mud,aloevera gel,bentonite clay,neroli, nutmeg seed to name a few.

It’s gently exfoliates skin and draws out any impurities and toxins.

It’s a perfect detox for your skin.


Generally hair oil are heavy,I don’t like them atleast in summer but didn’t felt this heavy on my scalp and it was easy to wash off.

I love the dead sea mask, though at starting it gave me tingling sensation but it fade away quickly.

It dried up quickly within 6 to 8 minutes.

However I suggest It is strong for a sensitive skin and it’s also have a strong smell.

Please do the patch test before using.

Soap is Beautiful blend of garmflour and haldi.

It gently expoliate your skin without depriving sebum,and it don’t leave behind a yellow tint.


The organic products are little expensive,but when you look skincare as an investment, I bet you would love to invest in long running that can lead you far than bitcoin.

Highly recommended.

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