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Is the name worth it?????

skincare can be tricky and time consuming,plus we need all the products which are high on pockets.

Exfoliation and body scrub were the luxury only afforded by the bride’s to be,they are few brands who took the iniative to bring luxury product with affordable price range

About the Brand:

A bunch a youngster have started the brand with the soul aim to help the customer rather then making profits.

Does the name is worth the stake????

YES,fabulous_ fabeya is worth every penny

I got their

  • Activated charcoal scrub
  • Apple Cider vinegar body &face scrub
  • Aloevera gel

Pros :

1.Not tested on animals

2.Eco friendly

3.100% vegetarian

4.Free from parabens

5. Petrochemical


It cames in with spill proof inner covering in huge tub .

Generally even normal brand charges huge amount for a small bottle.


Its almost a month now i have been using them,penned down my honest opinion about the product

Who don’t knew the blessing of Aloevera ,right??

I always ended up using Aloevera most,as it is multi tasking and this from fabeya is fabulous .

didn’t disappoint me👍

you can buy from :

2.Activated face and body scrub:

the only thing that’s trending in skincare is activated charcoal.

the cons are endless,i have never used activated charcoal as scrub but yes it does kick out the impurities like no one business.

The texture is slightly gritty which is good for exfoliation.

It is advisable to use scrub once a week.

you can buy:

2.Apple cider vinegar body and face scrub:

this is must for acne or pimple prone skin,ACV have some amazing benifts internally and externally,though it’s so appealing but please don’t have it internally its not meant to be😂.

just a dallop of it and apply generously all over the body, yes it does polishes your skin and give a supple glow.

the texture is creamy , its very gentle than general scrubs.

you can buy ::

please use it once a month,everything is acceptable in limited quantity.

its ideal to have a patch test before using every new products,as every skin is different.

Do comment below your favourite of all and you can leave a query as well.

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